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Get the Most From Your Retirement Savings

As an energy company employee, you have a unique set of financial needs. What may work for people in other industries, may not be what’s best for you. At Krosnowski & Scott, we understand that and take that into consideration when making retirement plan recommendations. Get to know our team and allow them to understand your financial circumstances in order to make the best recommendations for you.

Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) is a savings plan stock distribution option which enables the plan participant to take possession of company shares upon or after retirement without rolling the shares over into an IRA. Electing NUA tax treatment may give investors the opportunity to convert taxable income into a long-term capital gain. This is accomplished by selecting to create NUA on the appreciated value of company stock that is in excess of what you paid for the stock. This tax strategy may have some effect on your estate plan. Before employing this strategy, seek the services of a qualified tax professional. 


Understanding Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

Read our blog on NUA to help you understand the implications for you and your family. 

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Energy Company Consulting Services and Reports

401(k) Savings Plan Investment Review

Choosing between investment options in your energy company savings plan can be daunting. How many investments do you need to be diversified? Which investments have the right level of risk for you?

Our financial professionals will review your investment allocation and contributions to generate a custom report for you in which we recommend an asset allocation proposal. Trust our team to provide the necessary guidance to help you make these difficult decisions. 

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These reports are designed to educate you on the various alternatives that may be available to you upon retirement from the energy industry and help you make the retirement choices that are best for you. 

Retirement Income Analysis (RIA)

Do you know how much money you need to retire comfortably?

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IRA 72(t) Income Distribution Analysis (SEPP)

How can you withdraw funds without incurring the usual 10% penalty?

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Investment Portfolio Review Analysis (Financial Physical) 

View your current asset allocation among cash, bonds, and stock.

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Pension Annuity vs Lump Sum

Compare the benefits of receiving your pension as an annuity or lump sum to make an informed decision that best matches your financial needs, objectives, and comfort level. 

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